May 05, 2009


Giving my blog a makeover is in no way comparable to making a website for myself.  And, I'd love to have one. 
The Towson Universtity Fashion Show is in a few days, I'm almost ready, I'd love to post
a link so my friends could buy tickets,... but, alas... there is no link to be found.  Perhaps this is a private show? psh. 

If anyone is interested, I've been told that tickets can be purchased at the Towson University Union, an hour prior to the show.  Tickets are cheapo, the show is in Burdick Gym at 8pm on May 9th.  I've made 7 ensembles. 

Pictures will of course be coming eventually. 
Happy Cinco de Mayo. I'll be working in the studio, have a cocktail for me! 

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