October 24, 2008

Sigh.... Autumn finally.

I'm pretty long overdue for an update, but I was trying to wait until I had something to show for all the time that had passed. Here is a poor quality video of my work for the Steps to the Cure Fashion show a couple of weeks ago. And a clearer image of Barb, Kathy and myself, all wearing my designs.

Studio portraits will be taken in due time.

During the show before each model walked there were short clips of the designers explaining the inspiration for their designs... I don't think mine were heard. Here they are now... 

For Kathy: 

Strongly influenced by color and flare, I decided to custom paint this piece. Based on Kathy Matava's personality and eye for fashion, I immediately knew that a hand painted silk dress would satisfy her desire for chic beauty and confidence.  The colors are richly layered, the hand is flowing just as I imagined it. Kathy is a hardworking woman with gusto and class, the perfect addition to this work of art. 

For Barb: 

My work relies on it's subject for inspiration. The design reflects the model's self image and personality. Drawing inspiration from Barbara's interests in classic styles, her flawless appearance gave me the opportunity to redesign the ordinary.  I created versatile separates and something elegant tailored specifically tailored to Barbara's taste.  Her ability to overcome has astounded me and if anyone deserves to look this good, it's Barbara Raksin

I started at Broadhollow this week building costumes for 1776 and it's amazing how quickly time passes while I'm there.  It's just what I wanted. 

Halloween is just around the corner... I have so many costumes but I'm still at a loss as to what I'm going to actually wear!

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